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Thursday, January 8, 2009

TwoFer Pie

A lot of people had trouble with the TwoFer pie overflowing their pie plate. If this was an issue for you, I highly recommend the Pampered Chef pie plate. That is what I used for the pie and it fit with no problems whatsoever.

I tried to convince myself to try this pie, but I ultimately, I just couldn't do it. I don't like pumpkin pie or pecan pie and the thought of the two together just revolted me.

It was an extremely easy recipe to make, as always, Dorie's crust was a dream and was greatly appreciated by all who tasted the pie.

My favorite comment was from Pete. He really liked the pie. He is very fond of both flavors and said that the combo was great. "Normally I can only eat a sliver of pecan pie because it is too sweet. This was great, the pumpkin layer really cut the sweetness of the pecan. Made like this I think I might even be able to have two slices of pie!"

I would make it again, if I were bringing pie to a dinner, it smells divine while it is baking.

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