French Frdays with Dorie

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Turnovers

Ahh, fresh, hot piping from the oven - delicious! At first I thought there would not be much taste to these turnovers because the apples had so little spice on them, but they were really tasty. They were very easy to make, though it was a time consuming process due to the resting periods the dough required.

I've never made a dough of this nature before. I loved the texture of it - both before and after it was baked. It had such a silky feel to it in its raw state and it was most definitely flaky once baked. I baked half the turnovers and plan to freeze the others.

A quick wash with the egg a dusting of the sprinkling sugar and into the oven they went. A few minutes later, a heavenly odor began to waft through the house. Shortly after that Kathy and I were feasting on the delightful treats.

Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen selected this week's recipe, it is available on her blog or of course, it is yours for the taking in the BOOK!


TeaLady said...

Those look so delicious. Brown and flaky and yummy!

Anonymous said...

they really do look good!! mine are all gone, so i guess this recipe was a hit :)

Jules Someone said...

So glad this ended up working for you. The rest times were long, but I thought the actual cooking was pretty easy. Thanks for baking with me!