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Friday, July 22, 2011

TwD: Blueberry-Brown Sugar Plain Cake (6/7/2011)

Wow, time really does fly, doesn't it?  No matter if you are having fun or not - before you know it a month or more has gone by and you haven't posted a notice. 

As per usual, I have been baking (for the most part) along with the group, I just haven't been posting my results.

I made this cake several weeks ago and took it into work with me.  It was highly popular, moist, tender and chock-full of berries, in fact, I think the next time I make it, I may cut back a tad on the berries.  It was so popular my only photo is of an empty pan! 

Just the crumbs!

In case you have never seen a Magic Line pan, I wanted you to see it.  I have two now - an eight inch square and a nine inch square.  These pans are fabulous.  They release really well, they are perfectly square and brownies or cakes baked in them just come out as evenly baked as anyone could want.  I got mine at Sur La Table and plan to get a couple more of both sizes so that I can do square layer cakes.

This recipe was selected for us by Cindy of Everyday Insanity.  The recipe is posted on her superlative site . . . but you know I expected you to have purchased the Book long before now!

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Perry Maribelle said...

Your blog is a treat for all foodies! Blueberry-Brown sugar plain cake sounds like a great recipe.

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