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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Split Level Pudding

Just call me Ash . . . my stinking pudding did not set up! It was all my fault. I got sidetracked and forgot to add the cornstarch! What a moron - so few ingredients and yet I managed to omit half of them - what a goober! I tried tossing it in after the fact, but I know cornstarch doesn't mix well with heat. I should have just tossed it into a tablespoon of cold milk but I saw it and just instinctively tossed it into the pot. Sometimes I have very poor instincts.

I'm quite irked with myself about this as I decided to go with the coffee flavored pudding and I thought the two levels would be delightful together. I don't find coffee flavored milk and chocolate ganache nearly as appealing. This is very frustrating - on two levels - hah - split level frustration - I slay me. (1) I hate wasting that very tasty ganache and don't much care to drink my pudding - it isn't as if it is a lemon meringue pie (family joke) and (2) I wasted all the effort of cutting the recipe down to a single serving size. (If you knew how much I suck at math, this would really impress you - hey - maybe I suck more than I knew and this is why it did not set!)

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TeaLady said...

If it will make you feel any better I followed the recipe to the T and it still failed. Smoothie on top of ganache. Tasted good, so we drank it and ate the ganache. **SIGH**

Susan said...

I also failed the first time. I put mine in the freezer to be able to eat it instead of drinking it! :D I made it again today and didn't use the food processor (which killed my first attempt) and it turned out perfect. Try it again. :)

Jules Someone said...

Well, I did add the cornstarch, and mine never set up. Ah well.