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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FFwD: Gnocchi a la Parisienne

I ask you?  What is the point of making the recipes on time if one forgets to post about them?  In my defense I did go out of town on Friday - however - I made the gnocchi a few days early to accommodate that.  Such is life, I am terminally disorganized!

I did not realize that gnocchi came in different flavors or could be made using so many different techniques.  I am an avid watcher of Top Chef and have seen Fabio make gnocchi - what? - five times?  Whatever, I always thought it had to be made with potatoes.  I also thought it was rolled into the snakes and then snipped.

What a surprise to learn that it can be made from pate a choux dough.  Such fun.  I have only made this one other time -at Sur La Table - when I took a class.  We made gougeres, I shall be making them again when I get to that recipe.

I found the gnochi themselves to be very easy to make.  I found the bechemel sauce to be a trifle odd.  It ended up being inordinately thick.  I should have thinned it down, but I thought, let me just bake it and see what happens.  I thought it might spread a trifle while in the oven.  It really did not.  The gnocchi did puff up beautifully.  They were light fluffy and delicious.  They were also quite rich.  I like rich food - I've rarely met a fat I did not like (I'm looking at you margarine) but I think the butter on top pushed this into the too much of a good thing category.  Next time, if I put any butter on the top at all, it will be less than half of what this recipe called for. 

I definitely want to try freezing the gnocchi for future use.  I wish I had only baked a small portion of these and saved the rest.  Next time.

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