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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TWD: Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

What is it with me?  Give me a complicated recipe and I am fine.  Give me something as simple as these muffins and I am a disaster zone!

I was a smidge surprised by the batter for these muffins.  I whisked together the liquid ingredients and found the mixture to be quite thick.  When I added that to the dry ingredients I was a trifle worried that I was overworking the dough.  Perhaps I did, incorporating the two mixtures required a bit of elbow grease.

Muffin craters

As always I found that I had more muffins than Dorie projected.  I had sixteen versus the twelve the batter was supposed to yield.  I tested them after about 13 minutes and they seemed to be done.  The inserted tool came out completely clean.  The tops were barely showing any color, but I removed the muffins anyway.  (Nasty buzzer sound) Not a good idea.  After about four minutes many of the muffins had massive craters in their tops and it was apparent that they were in fact still undone in their centers. 

Albino muffins - before the rebake
 So, back into the muffin tin they went (thankfully I had used paper liners) and back into the oven.  Of course, I forgot about them, so they are now a much darker brown color.  They are however only slightly dry.  The flavor is quite nice.  I will definitely make these again, but I think I will use fewer poppy seeds, there just seem to be so many.  Thanks for making this choice, Betsey of A cup of sweetness chose these.  You can find the recipe on her site or you in the book - page 10.

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