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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tropical Crumble (TwD 8/16/2011)

Despite the fact that this crumble contained bananas - the most repugnant fruit on the planet, I found it was rather tasty.  It is a much better use for a banana than banana bread.

It was quite easy to put together and baked up in no time.  My only issue was with the streusel topping.  Imagine my surprise at that, considering that I absolutely adore streusel toppings.  I found this one to be a bit too heavy on the butter, though.  It really did not make that much of a topping.  I felt the butter melted into the filling and did not make a crunchy topping - and that is what I feel streusel should do.  In fact, I only used one-half of the streusel on this dish.  I saved the other half and mixed it with some oats, flour and additional pecans to make a topping for a blueberry-peach crisp I made last week.  Sorry - forgot to take photos of that.  It was delicious.

As easy as this is, I cannot imagine myself ever making this again.  I despise bananas and I am not overly impressed with the mango.  In fact, I am going over to the despising side of mangoes simply because I find them so annoying to cut up.  I don't have a mango cutter and I am not going to invest in one just for the few mango recipes that Dorie uses.  So, I'm always trying to slice right up against the seed and I either don't cut deeply enough or I cut too deeply. 

I was glad to find, however, that there is a method to making bananas more palateable.
Sorry about the lousy photo - it was night and I was tired - plus I am not a good food photographer.  Maybe one day . . .


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