French Frdays with Dorie

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I almost backed out of posting my results today. I looked at so many of the other TWD blogs and everyone's results were so pristine looking and then there are mine . . . which look as though they have mud and muck splashed up on the sidewalls. Sigh, what is a gal to do?

I did forget to push down on ingredients of the second batch of rugelach but does that give the darn things any right to have the chocolate come seeping out all over the place? I think not!

This is another case where I found the fillings excessive. I have to get over myself. I have always followed the recipe the first time I made a dish. I'm getting used to Dorie's recipes now and I really need to follow my gut. (Pardon the unintended pun.) I knew when I was chopping it that four ounces was too much chocolate for these cookies but I went ahead and used it all anyway.

I did like the overall taste of the cookies and in person the chocolate that seeped out created a sort of lacy halo around the cookie - it also almost carmelized on the bottom of the cookie and was quite tasty - it wasn't burned as it appears to be in the photo - but it wasn't very photogenic!

I will be giving rugelach another try varying the fillings - in both flavor and quantity - at some point in the future. I'm still not sure it will become a go-to cookie for my repertoire but I do want to give it another shot. I did especially love the taste of the cookie crust itself.

The next time I bake it I am going to try two things (1) I am not going to cut it into sixteen wedges - those were too small for my tastes - I'm going with no more than twelve unless my circle is considerably larger than it was this time. Hah, if it resembles a circle a good bit more it would be very exciting as well! And, (2) I might try rolling them like pinwheels, and option I saw on Smitten Kitchen's website - something she saw demonstrated on Martha's show (I believe). It seemed a bit less fussy. Either way, it is a cookie with great possibilities and I thank Grace of Piggys Cooking Journal for making this week's delicious choice.


Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Don't feel bad! Mine looked like yours and I had all the same experiences. Tasty, yes; beautiful, no. Glad you tried it

Barbara said...

Do try again, they're habit-forming once you get them the way you like them!