French Frdays with Dorie

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quintuple Chocolate Brownies!

My God! Did someone challenge Dorie to see how many different kinds of chocolate she could put into one brownie? Let me say now that I am in the brownies do not need icing camp - I am especially in the brownies do not need icing camp if said icing is made from white chocolate! Who the heck wants wax on their food? Bleech!

The chocolate chunker cookies are borderline candy and I am willing to cross the border to get them. These brownies are borderline fudge - I'm not crazy about fudge - so I'm not likely to chase these too far.

I liked the brownies themselves as long as I did not get too much icing. I have to admit - my icing seemed to drip off faster than Dorie's so that wasn't too hard to avoid.

I shall give these another try but will substitute another flavor chip in lieu of the milk chocolate - maybe mint chips instead.

I do think they make an attractive presentation and they were, of course, popular at work.

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debbie said...

I love to eat and bake brownies, but not these. I am in the same camp - white chocolate is NOT chocolate As much as I eat almost any kind of brownie these are extremely unattractive. I would skip these on a dessert table. Take off the icing, get rid of the white chocolate and then you have a brownie!