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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Russian Grandmothers' Apple Pie-Cake

Well, my grandmother certainly never served me anything like this dessert, but then she wasn't Russian. In fact, I don't really remember her ever making dessert. Lasagna was far more her style - she was Irish, so lasagna was right up her alley!

I thoroughly enjoyed this pie/cake. To me this is definitely a pie. We are topping it with and placing the apples into what I would define as a crust, not a batter. A damn tasty crust - and though I don't have the cookbook with me, if my memory serves, Dorie also calls it a crust - so I think she leans that way herself - well of course she does - she lists pie first. If she was leaning towards cake - cake would be first. Especially since cake comes first alphabetically. Surely I am not the only person who always alphabetizes everything if an order is needed and the alphabet is handy.
Admit it, you all have your soups and spices in alphabetical order in your cabinets don't you? Oh, not every day, just when you clean out your pantries and take inventory. Over time these things get mixed up but when things are put in their place - and things always have a place - that place is alphabetical. At least it is in my cabinet(s).

I got the apples for this on my Saturday shopping extravaganza at the Whole Foods a week or so ago. I made it that weekend, I just haven't talked about it yet. Look at the bounty I got - Fuji, Ginger Gold and something from New Zealand.

As the recipe instructed I cored and sliced and then mixed in the spices.

My only problem was folding the excess crust under. I believe the description was something like, "tuck in the crust as if you were making a bed". I don't know about you, but I found hospital corners nigh on to impossible with this dough! I did what I could, but my crust was way too thick on the ends. Thankfully the crust was really delicious, but there was an extreme paucity of apples on the ends.
I have to say, it smelled absolutely divine while it was baking. The apples gave off their juices these combined with the sugar. The two carmelized - Heaven! I wanted to eat the whole thing immediately! Thankfully I know what molten sugar can do to a tongue so I did not!
It was quickly consumed the next morning at work and enjoyed by all. I look forward to an opportunity to make it and try it while it is still bubbly and warm from the oven - here is a photo of it in that state:


Heidi said...

Were the New Zealand apples Jazz? If so, they are excellent for eating out of hand, too!

Barbara said...

I just made this one myself -- it was good! I thought it was sort of like a cobbler, more than anything else...

Mine also went to work and disappeared fast!