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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TwD: Chocolate Oatmeal Drops

Hooray, cookies!  I do so love a handheld treat.  I made a half batch of these little gems.  I am also quite enamored of a recipe that splits in half ultra-easily.

I got a yield of about 30 cookies from a half batch.  I used my small scoop to form the cookies.  I probably should have given them a gentle nudge after putting them on the cookies sheets.  One or two were a bit bulbous in the center.  They are the chewier version of all I made.

These are quite chocolately, a flavor profile, I heartily endorse.  However, I found the appearance of the albino oat flakes to be a bit off-putting.  On the other hand, I always claim anything with oats in it is healthy, so I do approve of these cookies being a braggards about their healthy content.  These are so chocolately, in fact, that I actually drank that milk (in the photo) when I ate those cookies.  I believe that would be second class of milk in the last four or five years!

Caroline and Claire of Bake with Us selected this week's recipe and it can be found on their blog.

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Beth said...

These look great. I own Dorie's cookbook, and I don't know how I had missed this recipe!