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Thursday, April 21, 2011

FFwD: Quinoa, fruit and nut salad

I did not really expect to enjoy this dish very much.  I generally find I am not overly fond of dishes like cous-cous and I equated the quinoa with that.

I made a half-batch of the quinoa, nuts and fruit.  I accidentally made a full-batch of the dressing.  This is fine with me, I do love lemon juice. 

I did not serve the quinoa atop salad greens, I just consumed it as a side dish.  I thought, hmm, okay, nothing special, but not bad.  I found the freshness of the lemon juice to be quite nice.  I had not given the dish much time to meld, though.  So, I covered it and left it on the counter at room temperature overnight.

This morning, I took out a container of vanilla yogurt (I rarely do plain) and plopped a whole serving of that atop a large bowl of the quinoa.  I must say, this stuff makes a wonderful breakfast.  I had used raisins and craisins as my fruits and pine nuts and toasted walnuts as my nuts.  Excellent choices, though I believe golden raisins would be a better choice than the dark ones I grabbed initially.  I still have a bit left and shall have it for breakfast, with yogurt, tomorrow. 

It is difficult to eat a healthy breakfast like this while one is busy patting themselves on the back for being so virtuous, but I managed.  Truth be told, my shoulder is a tad sore from all that backpatting!  

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