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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TwD: Strawberry Rhubarb Double Crisp

I do love me some crisp.  When other people are talking about making cobblers, I always think, blah, make a crisp.  And, this one was quite nice.  I found the taste of the crystallized ginger quite noticeable, though my other tasters did not seem to notice it at all.  I thought it added a very interesting punch to the flavors.

I had purchased some frozen rhubarb a while back and used that in this dish.  I thawed the sliced rhubarb, drained it, patted it dry and then sliced their slices into thinner slices for my use.  The recipe calls for about a pound of rhubarb and my frozen fruit contained just 10 ounces.  However, it nicely spread across the top of my crisp.

I am especially fond of crisps which use oatmeal in their topping as I am of the opinion that oatmeal is healthy and therefore I can eat twice as much of this crisp as I could one just covered with a sugary crisp coating.

I was quite disappointed in my strawberries, though.  I knew it was early for the berries, but I hoped these would actually have some flavor and be red throughout.  No such luck.  They looked like strawberries, they even smelled like strawberries, but they were impostors.  I hulled them and sliced them and found myself looking at white hearts with a red rim.  The only juice produced for the filling came from the liquefied sugar. 

However, this week, I am going to pick up some fruit from the Farmer's Market and give this crisp another try.  With any luck, I will be able to get fresh rhubarb - if not - I will happily use the frozen again.  But, my berries will be lush with flavor.  I am sure a crisp that I thought was mighty fine is going to be reclassified as outstanding. 

Sarah made this choice for us and has posted the recipe with some very tasty looking photos, here.

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