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Friday, April 22, 2011

FFwD: Mustard Batons

Well, I definitely cannot twirl these batons - at least not as a majorette's baton is twirled - I could perhaps twirl these as Groucho would once twirl his cigar - but it isn't about the twirling - it is about the eating.  And, as Alton would say, these are Good Eats.
Supremely easy to make, they can be frozen until needed, and apparently you can fill them with items far more exotic than mere mustard!

I am a plebeian, though, so mine were filled with mustard, as the instructions indicated.  I used a grainy Dijon in half my batons and a regular Dijon in the other half.  I baked a few of each for sampling.  I quite enjoyed them both, but the ones with the grainy mustard are far superior.  They have a much more pronounced taste - I also believe I did not use enough mustard.  I squirted it on or spread it on, instead of measuring out the proper amount and I think I could have upped the baton's contents by at least another third, if not entirely by half.

Batons masquerading as NE Doggie Rolls
 I love the idea of spreading them with other things, a tampenade, as Dorie suggests or a pesto as someone else suggested.  And, then filling them with non-savory items is also a possibility.  They are a great finger food. 

All we need to do is add our imagination to the possible contents and we have a gold mine.  I have squirrelled the remainders in the freezer, just waiting for someone to visit so I can wow them with my batons!

And check out this stirling example of my non-existant photography skills - I managed to make mustard batons look like New England Doggie Rolls - which - in case you did not know - are so much better than the average hot dog bun that it is not even remotely funny!

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